Sunday, November 22, 2009

Down To The Wire by David Rosenfelt (ARC)

Down to the Wire by David Rosenfelt

A reporter for the Bergen News, Chris Turley could never measure up to his father, a combination of Bob Woodward and Ernie Pyle. He was one of the last great investigative reporters and a difficult man to impress. While stuck covering town hall meetings, Chris has always dreamt of his own Pulitzer, however unlikely it seems.

Then one day while he's waiting to meet a source, an explosion takes out half of an office building. Shocked into action, Chris saves five people and his firsthand account makes him a celebrity.

And that's not all. The source's next tip implicates a crooked mayor, and Chris has his second story. But then he finds out the deadly lengths to which his source has gone to "help" him, and now the man wants something in return - or more people will die. What seemed like a reporter's dream quickly becomes a nightmare.

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