Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Review requests and policy

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog and for considering me to review your books.

I will accept and review copies of books and ARC's from authors, publishers, and publicists. I am also a frequent participant in blog tours and am always hosting some type of book giveaway. Due to the fact I seem to be inundated with review requests lately (this is not a bad thing!) I may not always get back to you about the specific book you're inquiring about, but would love to hear from you again in the future about other books you may have.

Right now my favorite genres are mystery/thrillers, romantic suspense, contemporary fiction, woman's fiction, suspense, legal thrillers and cozies. Right now I'm not reading romance, horror, science fiction, self-help, erotica, fantasy or business. Even though I do no read the previous types of books, I am more than willing to host a guest post for any author/publisher/publicist who would like to have their book promoted.

I do my best to have all books read and reviewed in a timely manner ~ usually within two weeks of publication. If the book has already been released I'll work with you to set a specific date to have my review posted. While I would love to say right off the bat that I will love every book, unfortunately that isn't always the case. My reviews may not always be positive, but they will be honest. I do not believe sugar-coating things will help the author or other potential readers.

I do have a Kindle so I am able to accept e-books and pdf's.

All of the book reviews I do are published here on my blog. They may also be published on such sites as Amazon, B&N,, Midwest Reviews, or any other site you'd like me to post to. If by some chance I find that it's not a good fit between me and the book, I'll give it to some of my other book lover friends to read and review as a guest reviewer.

I usually give ARC's and review copies away on my blog ~ but I will never sell them.

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