Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Favorites

Every Friday I'm going to post my "Friday Favorites". Each week it might be something different. It could be your favorite author (new or old), your favorite genre, your favorite character or your favorite series. There are many possibilities!

This week I'm picking my favorite historical cozy series ~ Victoria Thompson's Gaslight Series. Set in turn of the century New York, these books are the stories of mid-wife Sarah Brandt and police detective Frank Malloy. After he husband dies, Sarah goes to work to support herself, much to the chagrin of her extremely wealthy family. But Sarah loves being a midwife and delivering babies, especially to those less fortunate than her. In the first book of the series, Murder on Astor Place, Sarah and Frank first meet when a young woman from a prominant family is murdered and Frank needs Sarah's help in solving the case. Little do they realize that working together to solve this murder will start something neither is ready for, but both seem to want desperately. The sexual tension between the two continues to grow, leaving the readers begging for them to finally get together. I'm anxiously awaiting book 11 in the series, Murder on Waverly Place, which is due out in June.

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Missy said...

I wish that I liked historical fiction. I rarely read it, and if I do, it is usually a Southern historical fiction novel. I love that southern fiction! :)

Red lady-Bonnie said...

This sounds like a great series. I love historical fiction and combining it with a cozy mystery style sounds great. I enjoy culinary cozy mysteries and I'm going to add these to my wishlist.

Marcia said...

I've read the first book in this series and really liked it. I have several more of them sitting in the TBR pile waiting patiently for me.