Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Favorites ~ Favorite Therapist

Every Friday I'm going to post my "Friday Favorites". Each week it might be something different. It could be your favorite author (new or old), your favorite genre, your favorite character or your favorite series. There are many possibilities!
This week I'm picking my favorite therapist ~ Jonathan Kellermans' Alex Delaware. I've been reading this series since Book one came out in 1985 and am anxiously awaiting Book 24, Evidence, which is due out in October. Over the years we've seen Alex grow from a young, just starting out psychiatrist to the well known, very respected Doctor he is now. We've seen the development of his relationship with his girlfriend Robin and the ups and downs they've had throughout the years. Not to mention the friendship he formed with Milo Sturgis, the police lieutenant he works with. While Dr. Delaware does not treat patients full time anymore, he does do consultation work for the courts as well as for the police. He and Milo have solved many a cases together and it's nice to see that their friendship has endured throughout the years. Mr. Kellerman's latest book True Detectives delves into the lives of two characters we met in the last Delaware/Sturgis book. While both of these men make cameos in that book, it just wasn't the same. My heart belongs to Delaware and Sturgis. And after reading these books for so long, I feel as if I really know them.

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Missy said...

I just wanted to share my favorites with you, too! TGIF!

Literary Feline said...

I am a little behind in this series, but I have read and enjoyed most of the books. Alex and Milo are such great characters. :-)