Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Tutu Ballet

The Tutu Ballet by Sally Lee ~~

In THE TUTU BALLET Lee once again takes us into the forest where the characters are children of animals - bears, foxes, rabbits, and mice - all gathered for the ballet school by prim ex-prima ballerina Ms. Berry. The students all love the class but excel in one particular aspect of the spectrum of ballet: Belinda the bear is capable of the high kicks in the air, Harriet the hare is particularly gifted at spinning, Fillippo the fox is especially good at jumping, and Mirabel the mouse concentrates her talent in perfecting the pliƩ. Ms. Berry thoughtfully analyzes these individual special talents and brings the four students and their specialties into a grand ballet that takes advantage of the gifts of each student.

My three year old niece loved this book (I had to read it to her three times in a row). The pictures a vivid, the story simple. The only thing she didn't know was that a 'hare' was also a rabbit :) Ms. Lee does a wonderful job of weaving a lesson about individuality with compromise on a level that is easy enough for even a three year old to understand.

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Dawn said...

My kids and I love Sally Lee's illustrations.