Monday, October 27, 2008


Bones (Alex Delaware, No. 23) by Jonathan Kellerman ~~

The anonymous caller has an ominous tone and an unnerving message about something “real dead . . . buried in your marsh.” The eco-volunteer on the other end of the phone thinks it’s a prank, but when a young woman’s body turns up in L.A.’s Bird Marsh preserve no one’s laughing. And when the bones of more victims surface, homicide detective Milo Sturgis realizes the city’s under siege to an insidious killer. Milo’s first move: calling in psychologist Alex Delaware.

The murdered women are prostitutes–except the most recent victim; a brilliant young musician from the East Coast, employed by a wealthy family to tutor a musical prodigy, Selena Bass seems out of place in the marsh’s grim tableau.

Conveniently–perhaps ominously–Selena’s blueblood employers are nowhere to be found, and their estate’s jittery caretaker raises hackles. But Milo’s instincts and Alex’s insight are too well-honed to settle for easy answers, even given the dark secrets in this troubled man’s past. Their investigation unearths disturbing layers–about victims, potential victims, and suspects alike–plunging even deeper into the murky marsh’s enigmatic depths.

Bizarre details of the crimes suggest a devilish serial killer prowling L.A.’s gritty streets. But when a new murder deviates from the pattern, derailing a possible profile, Alex and Milo must look beyond the suspicion of madness and consider an even more sinister mind at work. Answers don’t come easy, but the darkest of drives and desires may fuel the most devious of foes.

Bones is classic Kellerman–relentlessly peeling back the skin and psyches of its characters and revealing the shadows and sins of the souls beneath. With jolt after jolt of galvanizing suspense, it drives the reader through its twists and turns toward a climax as satisfying as it is shattering. (From Amazon)

Finally --- the old Alex is back!!! Some of his latest books have been very up and down for me, but that has all changed with this latest book. When several bodies are found on a marsh near the beach, Milo, Alex and a new rookie detective work together to determine what has happened. Especially when one of the victims is the employee on an ecentric billionaire - and the rest are all prostitutes. Alex and Milo struggle to find the connection between the women. The characters are memorable - from the genius child we never meet, to the marsh environmental fanatic. While the ending may have seemed predictable, getting there with these old friends was almost like being there yourself. The quick wit and banter between Alex and Milo is back, better than ever. It was also nice to see Robin and Rick and I hope they make more appearances in future books. Jonathan Kellerman has always been a favorite author of mine and will continue to be! A


Literary Feline said...

This past year and a half I have let myself fall terribly behind in the series I followed so faithfully. This series being one of them. I am looking forward to reading this and am glad to hear it's as good as the ones before. Thanks for the review!

Hagelrat said...

I haven't read Kellerman for years. I should pick some up again.