Monday, May 19, 2008

Twenty Wishes

Twenty Wishes (A Blossom Street Book #4) by Debbie Macomber ~~ Macomber returns to Seattle's fictional Blossom Street of A Good Yarn (and others) for a hopeful tale of four widows who meet at 38-year-old Anne Marie Roche's bookstore. Separated from her husband after he refused to have a baby with her, Anne Marie felt certain they would reconcile until he suddenly died. Lillie Higgins lost her husband in the same plane crash that claimed the husband of their daughter, Barbie Foster. Elise Beaumont entered widowhood after cancer claimed her husband. Together, the four make life-fulfillment wish lists. With Elise's prodding, Anne Marie decides to fulfill one of her wishes do good for someone else and becomes a lunch buddy to an at-risk third grader. Anne Marie, meanwhile, must deal with the reappearance of her adult stepdaughter, Melissa, who always held her in disdain. Elise mainly serves as a catalyst for Anne Marie's journey, but there is plenty of focus on Lillian and Barbie, who find purpose in unexpected and difficult relationships.

Four widows gather at Anne Marie's bookstore to "celebrate" Valentine's Day. Each one of them continues to mourn the husbands that they lost. Each one is looking for something special in their lives - something they don't think is possible since they feel they'll never love again. The women decide to each start a list of "Twenty Wishes". Things that they would like to accomplish. And each one has "fall in love/find somone special" on their lists. Ms. Macomber takes you along as each of these women try and find that one thing they are missing. You're right there with them as they find new love, connect with people they never thought they'd have a relationship with and find the one thing that they're missing - that some one special. For some, it's a new love and for others it's the one thing they've been hoping and praying for all their lives. You will laugh and cry as you read this, because you're going to feel as if you stepped into the pages of the book and are right there with each one of them. A+

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