Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Where Are You Now?

Where Are You Now?: A Novel by Mary Higgins Clark ~~ Years ago, a college student named Charles ("Mack") MacKenzie walked out of his life for no apparent reason. Since then, once a year, he calls his mother to assure her that he's all right, and to ask her not to look for him. Now, Mack's younger sister, Carolyn, has decided to find him. Her search uncovers a lot of old secrets among the people closest to her, and someone is trying to prevent Carolyn from solving the mystery behind her brother's disappearance--by any means necessary....
Even though she's being threatened, Carolyn won't give up looking for her brother that has been missing for 10 years. Some of the secrets revealed might seem "life altering" to the person who holds them, but they're minor in the grand scheme of things. MHC does a great job of having leading you down one road, only to turn the corner and have an ending most won't see coming. Not one of her best books, in my opinion, but a solid read. B+

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