Monday, April 21, 2008

Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die

Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die: A Blackbird Sisters Mystery ~~ Nora Blackbird is no singing star, but she knows how to act like a diva, complete with the designer clothes and the little dog in her arms. But Nora is one thing most divas are not: she is broke. Determined to save the family manse outside Philadelphia, frittered away by her parents, Nora is forced (shudder) to get a job. As an assistant for fashion-writer Kitty Keough, she does grunt work for little recognition--such as covering the unveiling of the hot new "Brinker bra." After fighting the crowds for a seat, Nora is shocked to find that her sister Emma, supposedly in rehab, is the top bra model. She is even more shocked to return home and find her boss, Kitty, dead on her doorstep. It's perhaps not quite so shocking to learn that her "mobbed-up" boyfriend is the prime suspect.

It's been a while since I read the last Blackbird Sisters Mystery. I had forgotten how fun they are. Once again the Blackbird Sisters find themselves in the middle of a murder investigation - this time when the dead body of her boss Kitty is dumped on Nora's doorstep. Nora and Mike continue to see each, despite what every one else thinks. There was a nice little cliffhanger at the end - enough to make me not wait so long to read the next one ;) A

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