Saturday, April 5, 2008


Shakedown by Joel Goldman ~~ The lives of three people collide over mass murder at a Kansas City residence that Special Agent Jack Davis has carefully staked out for weeks. Kate Scranton, whose job is spotting lies for high-priced courtroom lawyers, is convinced that mild-mannered Latrell Kelly knows something about the crime. But Latrell is hiding far more than Kate can guess. And with Jack half-blinded by an imploding personal life, and someone on his own side leaking crucial information, they're headed straight for the ultimate danger zone...
Fast paced and keeps you guessing to the end. What does the murder of 5 people in a crack house have to do with an undercover cop and the missing daughter of an FBI Agent? Towards the end I figured it out, but that still didn't stop the OMG factor while reading it and seeing how it all plays out. My only issue is that it can get a little confusing at the beginning as to who all the "smaller" players are, but once you really get into the book - you'll have no trouble keeping track of who's who. Great read. A

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