Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Virtual Tour Guest ~ Renee Wiggins

Welcome to Lori's Reading Corner, Renee .

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your self

I am a diabetes educator, registered dietitian,  a massage therapist and a Lay-ministry leader. I  have trained, coached and changed lives in the health and wellness industry for more than 20 years . As a strong believer and encourager in living an authentic lifestyle, I design customize lifestyle programs tailored to the  client needs, goals and habits. Renee can be reach at www.resultsbyrenee.com or follow  her on http://twitter.com/giveupthestrugg..

Q. Can you please tell us about your book and why you wrote it?

A. Transformations: Give Up The Struggle is a collection of affirmations, that inspire, motivate and encourage women to push forward. I wrote the book in response to situations I saw all around me. I saw women struggling simply because they didn't know that change is not a negative thing. When we are open to taking ourselves from one level to the next we take our power back, chains are broken, and positive things begin to happen in our lives.

 Q. W hat are some of the biggest challenges you faced writing it?

A- I was challenged by a fear of not having enough material to fill my book.. While I had a large number of affirmations, several were built around the same theme and I wanted a range of themes so that all of my readers would be touched and encouraged by the book.

Q. Do you have any affirmations to share:

Your life can
Expand or shrink
Depending on how you see it.
Choose to see
Your Window...

Thank you, Renee for the interview, Renee. My I  tell my readers where they can find you on the web and how everyone can buy your book?

A.- Please do!, They can find my book on www.Amazon.com, and at my web site, www.resultsbyrenee.com.

 About the author ~ 

Owner of Results by Renee has mentored, trained and changed lives in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. A strong believer and encourager in living an authentic, healthy lifestyle, Renee specializes in designing customized lifestyle programs that are tailored to client needs, goals and habits. Her areas of expertise are Diabetes and Weight Management through which she uses a variety of presentations to educate, including workshops, lectures and one-on-one consultations.

Professionally, Renee Wiggins holds the following certifications and credentials:

  • Registered and Licensed Dietitian (RD/LD)
  • Certified Physical Fitness Trainer (CPFT)
  • Certified Massage Therapist (CMT)
About the book ~ 
Transformations:Give Up The Struggle
Transformations:Give Up The Struggle  by Renee Wiggins

We all have our ups and downs in our lives, some more than others. But,how we end up in teh end, determines how we actually see the storms. The storms help us to change to a bette and stronger person.
Resisting change can make the obstacles, the hindrances and the storm become even more unbearable. Howeve, if we choose to view them in a different light, change can move us into a bigger and better job, loving relationships---it indeed can make us better.
"Life is an eternal journey with infinite messages. Renee miraculously personifies faith through positive affirmations and powerful observations full of insight and wisdom that serve as an elixir to uplift your spirit and transform your soul" by Monda R. Webb-Author & Poet.
 “The book is enlightening. It is an easy read-pocket-size book  which I can easily carry. I apply these affirmations to both my personal and business life.” says, Dreidre A. Prator.
“I wish Ms. Wiggins had written this book a few years ago while I was still working, there is so much in this book that I could have applied to help me get through each working day. Now I am on a new journey and I will apply one of Renee’s quote: ("I have learned to confront fear instead of letting fear control me and hold me back ") in my personal life.” Says, Gwen Mealing
Life hardships,obstacles can be your bridge to a better opportunity.
Be ye transformed by renewing your mind. Affirm yourself-release the past, the brokeness, give up the struggle and move forward. TODAY

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Tracee said...

Hi Lori,

Thanks so much for hosting Renee as she tours on her virtual book tour!

reneewgg@aol.com said...

Thanks for hosting-Renee Wiggins

Julie P said...

Very nice interview. I think all of us busy women need to take a moment sometimes and slow down to evaluate. Thanks for sharing!

Sheila said...

Thanks, Renee! I love this book. The affirmations line up with my faith beliefs and serve as great encouragement to me not to lose myself in the hustle and bustle of everyday life but to take the time to take care of me!

transformations said...

I like to thank everyone for their comments.
"the past has no power over me unless I let it.
from the book"Transformations:Give Up The Struggle

Let's us move forward.