Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dying Scream by Mary Burton

Dying Scream by Mary Burton

An aspiring artist. A high-school senior. A stripper. Three missing women with only one thing in common - wealthy Craig Thornton knew them all. For that, they paid the ultimate price. When Craig's widow, Adrianna, begins to receive cards and flowers from her late husband, she assumes it's some one's cruel joke. The grisly remains are found on the Thornton estate.

Detective Gage Hudson believes the bodies are linked to Craig. But the biggest shocks are yet to come. A psychopath has resumed his work, each death a prelude to his most cherished target. The only way to stop him is to uncover a family's dark past - and a twisted love someone will kill for, again and again.....
Release date: December 1st.

Adrianna's husband Craig suffered an irreversible brain injury and she loses her unborn child in a horrific car accident a few years earlier. Two years later, her husband succumbs to his injuries. Due to the mounting debt resulting from Craig's extended stay in a nursing home, Adrianna is forced to sell the Thornton Family home. However, the new owners want the family grave yard moved. While beginning work on the move, they find two skeletons.

And now Detective Gage Hudson, Adrianna's boyfriend before ditching him to go back to Craig, a former football player driven to police work by the kidnapping of his own sister many years ago, has something to work with. For years he has been convinced that Craig has been behind the disappearance of several women. All of which had ties to him. However, the proof was never there. Now he has the proof that one of those women has been buried on the Thornton property and he will stop at nothing to prove Craig's guilt.

And then weird things start happening that make Adrianna question whether or not Craig is really dead. She receives an anniversary card and flowers, both signed by him. She's also convinced she's seen him , or someone that looks just like him getting into the same car he drove. And then more women start to disappear. Women with connections to Craig. Is Craig really dead? Is he trying to get her back? Or is someone playing a twisted, sadistic game to attain something he firmly believes is his?

Dying Scream is an intense thrill ride filled with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing right up until the very last page. An edgy romantic suspense that is not to be missed!

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