Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mama Does Time by Deborah Sharp

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Meet Mama: a true Southern woman with impeccable manners, sherbet-colored pantsuits, and four prior husbands, able to serve sweet tea and sidestep alligator attacks with equal aplomb. Mama's antics — especially her penchant for finding trouble — drive her daughters Mace, Maddie, and Marty to distraction.

One night, while settling in to look for ex-beaus on COPS, Mace gets a frantic call from her mother. This time, the trouble is real: Mama found a body in the trunk of her turquoise convertible and the police think she's the killer. It doesn't help that the handsome detective assigned to the case seems determined to prove Mama's guilt or that the cowboy who broke Mace's heart shows up at the local Booze ‘n' Breeze in the midst of the investigation. Before their mama lands in prison — just like an embarrassing lyric from a country-western song — Mace and her sisters must find the real culprit (From Amazon)


LuAnn said...

This sounds like a wonderfully charming book. It kind of reminds me of Fanny Flagg's books from your description!

Deborah Sharp said...

Hi, there ... thrilled to get a mention for my debut, Mama Does Time, on your lovely site. Thanks! Also pleased with LuAnn's comment that I may be like Fanny Flagg. Others have compared the book to the late Anne George, who wrote the Southern Sisters mysteries, which tickles me no end since I LOVED Anne.

Lori's Reading Corner said...

I'm about half way done and can't wait to get home and finish it ;)