Saturday, February 7, 2009

Corked by Cabernet

Nikki Sands, manager of the Malveaux Estates in Napa Valley—and girlfriend of the owner—is blissfully happy. Until a guru’s devotee is killed on the famous Napa Valley Wine train and ruins her peace of mind.

Back from their trip to Australia, Nikki is moving in with Derek and enjoying her fun, but busy job as manager of the Malveaux Estates. With very little time on her hands she is not happy when Dereks brother Simon and his partner Marco book a seminar for Guru Sansibaba (Alan Sansi) and his entourage. When an associate, and later his companion are murdered, Nikki must "help" Detective Robinson solve the crimes and save the reputation of Malveaux Estates. While Derek is absent for a good portion of the book, it allows Nikki to do her sleuthing with out his warning her to stop. The motive comes a little late in the book, but the journey you take getting there is an enjoyable one. The Sansi family is complicated, yet solid. And it was a pleasure getting to know them. I was pleased to see the return of both Alyssa and Detective Robinson and hope to see much more of them in the future. It's wonderful to see the relationship between Nikki, Simon and Marco continue to develop making them seem like they've known each other forever. A humorous, fun, easy read that has an ending as sweet as any Manischewitz Passover wine I've ever had.

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