Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bookmarked For Death

Bookmarked For Death (Berkley Prime Crime Mysteries) by Lorna Barrett ~~

Tricia Miles, owner of the Haven’t Got a Clue bookstore, must solve her own mystery when a bestselling author is found dead in the washroom.

When local celebrity/bestselling author Zoe Carter is found dead in the bathroom of Haven't Got A Clue, Tricia knows she has another murder to solve. While her "friend" Sheriff Adams has the store shut down, Tricia has nothing but time on her hands. While her employees help out at her sisters store (much to their dismay), Tricia sets out to figure out just who wanted Zoe dead. Was it one of the members of her Tuesday Night Book Club (who were all at the signing) or was it Zoe's assistant/niece Kimberly who left the signing in a snit? The more Tricia digs, the more secrets she uncovers. Secrets that someone wants to leave dead and buried. How far will Tricia go to solve the murder? Will she risk hurting one of her dearest friends just to uncover the truth ~ or will it be just the thing her friend needs? I absolutely LOVE this series. Ms. Barrett has created town where any book lover would happily reside in, a great cast of characters and plenty of potential suspects that will keep you guessing right up until the very end.

Buy the book here ~~ Bookmarked For Death (Berkley Prime Crime Mysteries)

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Jennifer said...

Lori - I just finished Murder is Binding and LOVED it! I can't wait to read this one! :)