Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Murder in Chinatown

Midwife Sarah Brandt's patient, Cora Lee, is an Irish woman with a Chinese husband. In New York at the beginning of the twentieth century, impoverished immigrants often married one another, but cultural differences led to conflict. As Sarah attends the birth of Cora's son, Cora's young, half-Chinese niece, Angel, runs into the room to ask for help. Her father has arranged her marriage to an elderly Chinese man. Angel later disappears, and Sarah helps the family investigate. When Angel turns up dead in an alley, Sarah asks her friend, Frank Malloy, a New York City police detective, for help. It seems that Angel had a secret lover, a young Irish boy. As the plot unfolds, readers will learn about the miseries of tenement life, the discrimination against Chinese and Irish immigrants, and the hardships and dangers facing young women. They will also be drawn to Sarah, a strong, caring female protagonist who is not afraid to help those in need. The unexpected climax adds to the impact of this first-class historical mystery (From Amazon)

I am a huge fan of this series. Set at the turn of the century, we are brought into Chinatown, were more often than not Chinese men are marrying Irish women. This time Sarah & Frank are drawn into the case of a young girl found dead shortly after running away from home ~ after finding out she has to marry and "old chinese guy". I love how even after nine books in the series I'm not bored with it but look forward to the next one! The characters continue to grow with each and every story. As much as I would love to see Sarah & Frank "hook-up", I was glad to see them pull back a little bit. It shows them as being real people who know that they come from completely different worlds. While this wasn't one my favorites of the series, I enjoyed it just as much as the others. A-

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