Sunday, November 16, 2008

Born To Run

Born to Run: A Novel of Suspense by James Grippando (ARC) ~~

Jack Swyteck gets caught in a dangerous web of intrigue and murder at the top levels of the United States government in his most high-profile and disturbing case yet.

Miami criminal defense lawyer Jack Swyteck guards his own family secrets closely, after his father's two terms as Florida's governor made some personal rifts public. Things between the two men are finally better, and whenever Harry Swyteck asks for Jack's help he gets it. Suddenly, Harry needs it more than ever before.

When Harry's friend, the vice president of the United States, goes hunting for alligators in the Everglades and winds up dead, the president positions Harry to be his new VP. Harry immediately asks Jack to be his lawyer. The prestige that comes from the job turns lethal, however, when Jack finds himself at the heart of a complicated cover-up that spans nearly fifty years and the globe. Before hostages can be released, an old secret must be revealed, one that could threaten the life of the president of the United States himself.

I have been a HUGE James Grippando fan since stumbling on one of his books a few years ago. He's one of my top 5 authors and one I have no problem going out and buying the book as soon as it comes out in hardcover! This time Jack manages to get himself in the middle of a dangerous web of deceit and murder that runs all the way up to the White House Oval Office. When Jacks' father is tapped to replace the dead VP, Jack is brought in as his counsel for the Congressional Hearings. Will this effect the newly restored relationship between Jack and his father? Soon mysterious emails show up and two reporters with info that could bring down the President are murdered. Among the typical political BS is a man known as "The Greek", his long ago wife, and a corrupt Secret Service agent. All of who will stop at nothing to have the Presidents secret exposed. And when "The Greek" takes Jack and several others hostage all bets are off! Mr. Grippando does a magnificent job of throwing out the red herrings and making the reader wonder ~ what secret could possibly be this big to cause all these deaths and cover-ups? And kudos's to him for coming up with a reason that I don't think anyone could have thought of, one that this avid reader never anticipated. A stunning tale of lies, secrets and murder that climaxes with the ending to beat all endings ~ one that had me up at 3am turning the pages in anticipation. A++++


Anonymous said...

OMG! I have never run across another James Grippando fan until now! Did you read his LYING WITH STRANGERS? One of his best ever. I need to catch up on this series. Haven't read his latest, but did the one before it. Great review. :)

lorisreadingcorner said...

I love his stuff. I've read all of his books and should be getting an ARC of his newest ~ Intent to Kill soon ;) Lying With Strangers was fantastic!!!