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Roast Mortem Mega Giveaway - REVAMPED :)

Roast Mortem by Cleo Coyle Release Party Mega Giveaway

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LRC's Roast Mortem Publication Release Party Mega Giveaway

WHAT:  A Party To Celebrate the Release of Roast Mortem by Cleo Coyle

HOSTED BY:  Lori's Reading Corner


      WHEN:  August 3 - 16, 2010

Welcome to my first (of hopefully many more) PUBLICATION PARTY!  We are here to celebrate the release of the 9th book in the Coffee House Mystery Series

Roast Mortem (Coffee House Mystery)

A Note from Cleo Coyle

My husband and I have been living and working in New York City for over twenty years. Our Coffeehouse Mysteries—a unique blend of crime, romance, humor, and action—are set here, too, around a landmark Greenwich Village coffee shop called the Village Blend.

Through eight books now, our quirky town has fueled us with strange-but-true ideas for characters and plotlines from criminal to culinary. For the ninth entry in our series, we drew inspiration from yet another local source: New York’s Bravest.

It’s hard not to admire New York firefighters (and I’m not even going to flash you with the annual hunks in hardhats calendar). Oh, sure, they can be as cranky and crazy as the rest of us. After all, most of them actually like running into burning buildings. But I think of them more as knights in bunker gear.

Every day, these men and women beat back a new fire monster, rescuing citizens from the jaws of its wreckage. Their firehouses look like castle strongholds. Even their symbol is a knightly one—the Maltese Cross. “Every firefighter works in courage,” states the FDNY, “a ladder rung away from death, willing to lay down his life for you.”

Now that’s the stuff of heroes and (crazy or not) heroes inspire writers. In fact, the very idea of running into a burning building to save an innocent victim struck me as the perfect analogy for what Clare Cosi does in our Coffeehouse Mysteries.

A divorced single-mom in her forties, Clare is a coffee shop manager by day, an irrepressible snoop by night. When something is wrong, she considers it her mission to right it—and arson that leads to murder is as wrong as it gets.

At the start of Roast Mortem, an unknown arsonist begins torching cafés around the city. When an FDNY ladder company comes to the rescue of Clare and her co-workers, she returns the favor by rescuing these fearless few from some seriously bad coffee. Then her new firemen friends begin dying in suspicious ways, and Clare finds reason to believe their deaths are connected to the “Coffee Shop Arsonist.” Unfortunately, an overly-flirtatious member of the FDNY stands in her way. This strapping captain clearly has something to hide. But as Clare starts to dig deeper, someone threatens to extinguish her.

If you've never read a Coffehouse Mystery, don't let that stop you from picking up a copy of Roast Mortem. You can certainly enjoy it as a stand-alone novel. If you’ve been a fan of the series, this is one you won't want to miss because this is more than just another murder mystery for Clare Cosi. The events of the story trigger highly personal consequences that keep her reeling until the very end.

Read with joy!
~ Cleo

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Prologue and First Chapter.

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How the giveaway will work (required layout/prizes have been changed a little bit)

Lori's Reading Corner will be the Grand Hostess for this giveaway.  All book bloggers out there are welcome to join. Each blogger will host the same contest on their site. After your contest is set up you will come back here and place a link to your contest in the Linky below. 


You MUST be a follower of both Lori's Reading Corner and of Lori on Twitter - @lorisbookblog to host this contest.   

For the revamped contest all hosts need to do is ~   include a description & book cover of the book, the link to the prologue & first chapter, the info on the chance to win free coffee, and a link to Cleo's site,  Coffee House Mystery.

You MUST collect/include the following information from the entrants in your contest ~

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Each person may enter the contest ONE time per blog (although if the hosts add the additional entry options, you could have up to X amount of entries just on o site.)  HOWEVER you may enter the contest on as many blogs as you wish in order to increase your chances of winning.

When the contest is over, each host will choose one person from those that have signed up on their blog and come back here to my blog. I will have a google document set up where each host will then put their name, their blog name, and the email and mailing address of the entrant they chose to be the winner of the grand prize.  AND, don't you hosts worry - there is a GRAND prize,  just for one of you!!  The blog hosts will have 72 hrs to submit their entrants before the winners are chosen.


MEGA Prize ~ awarded to one HOST of the giveaway

 Grand Prize ~  awarded to ONE entrant FROM THE HOSTED GIVEAWAYS

 Runner-up Prize ~  awarded to five (5) entrants FROM THE GIVEAWAY HERE ON THIS BLOG

* 1 Personally inscribed copy of Roast Mortem (Coffee House Mystery) by Cleo Coyle   
* 1 Gimme! Coffee 12 oz Latte cup and saucer
* 1 Bag of Cops coffee (regular or decaf, their choice!)

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